The Advantages of Professional Property Management - The Advantages of Professional Property Management
November 27, 2018

The Advantages of Professional Property Management

Here at Gordon Lamb, we are proud to offer a full Property Management Service. Whether you are looking into becoming a Landlord or you already have a property portfolio, we can help take the hassle away and professionally manage your properties and tenants. In this blog we discuss the advantages of having your properties managed by experts!


We Can Save You Money

Being a landlord can not only be time consuming, but it can also be expensive… With many laws and legislations to keep up with, you can find yourself spending more than you are earning. That’s where we come in, over the years we have invested lots of time into our management services, looking at the best ways to save landlords money. We can help you to find and reference great tenants, minimise voids through our innovative marketing strategies, and ensure that your tenants are maintaining the property to a good standard using our inventory software. Because there is no reason to lose money!


We Can Save You Time

Whether you own one property or a whole portfolio, being a landlord can be time consuming, especially if it is not your main income. With this in mind it just makes sense to have a reliable property manager on your side, like us! We can handle all aspects of your properties, from the initial viewings to tenant management and of course repairs and other issues that might arise, leaving you to focus on the important things in life.

We Can Keep You Compliant

Upon first inspection, being a landlord can look like a pretty hassle-free role when everything is in place but this is simply not the case. New legislation is being brought in all the time and if you do not adhere to it, it could cost you a hefty fine or even your properties. That’s why all of our expert agents are in the know about the latest landlord legislation to keep you safe and compliant.


We Are Proud to Offer Specialist Advice

No matter if you are a new landlord or have been one for years, there is always new tips and tricks you can learn to better yourself. We offer helpful advice and can answer all of your burning questions, putting your mind at rest. We also offer a range of exclusive services for landlords such as our Rent To Own or 30-day challenge.


We understand being a landlord isn't easy which is why we are here to offer a tailored management service suited to your needs. To find out more, please contact our expert agents on 0191 419 2020, or visit

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