How Landlords can Prepare Their Tenants and Properties for Winter - How Landlords can Prepare Their Tenants and Properties for Winter
November 19, 2018

How Landlords can Prepare Their Tenants and Properties for Winter

Winter is one of the most crucial times to complete a full survey of each one of your properties, as any problems during Winter can create bigger circumstances due to the cold weather. In this blog we are going to be talking about how to prepare your properties and tenants for the Winter Months.


Be Clear on Your Insurance Policies

As a Landlord you will already be pretty clear on what your insurance covers such as content insurance, but your tenants might not be, and this could result in confusion and blame if something was to get damaged during Winter. Even if they already have the correct documents it’s important to refresh your tenant memory, letting them know which parts of the home are their responsibility and of course who to call if something happens.


Check Heating and Energy Bills

Winter equals higher energy bills for obvious reasons but there’s always a chance you could be getting a better deal. Do your research and make sure you are not paying over the average for your water and heating this Winter. Boilers are also prone to issues during this period, so we suggest you get each boiler checked and serviced preventing any unexpected call outs.


Make Sure Your Tenants Know Who to Call

If there is ever an emergency it’s important all of your tenants know who to call, whether that be you or a tradesman. Give each tenant a contact list that has all the numbers they need for any issues that arise in their home that can be internally or externally. This in turn will stop you being bombarded with calls that will be simply directed and also piece of mind for your tenants.


Talk to Your Tenants

When it comes to Winter, it’s better that any jobs that need doing are completed before the major chill arrives. Therefor it’s best to ask tenants if they have any problems or anything, they have spotted that could do with repair or renew. You may think it is causing you extra work, but it is building a better report with your tenants and will save you time and money in the long run.

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