Top 4 factors that decrease property value - Top 4 factors that decrease property value
October 15, 2018

Top 4 factors that decrease property value

We have spoken in a previous blog about the ways to increase your property value, but did you know there are some hidden ways that can decrease your property value that you might not have thought about?


Nightmare Neighbours

Some things you just can’t control, and noisy neighbours are one of those things. You may not think about it but as well as your house, potential buyers will be sussing out next door too. They will be looking for signs of neglect and general messiness which can indicate the type of people they are. You may even find yourself confronted with a question about your neighbours, so you must be prepared for this.

If your nearby resident is prone to arguments and does not care for their property, then this could be a huge turn off for potential buyers.



Your home is your haven and over the years its hard not to collect lots of belongings, even though you might like lots things on display. It can be off putting for a viewer. Too much of a personal touch makes it hard the buyer to picture them self-there which can be a real loss. Instead whilst viewings are commencing tidy your house and try to take away a selection of personal things, still leaving a homely touch but not over powering.


Crime Rate

When moving to a new location the first step is to research the area, this includes the local amenities, personalities of the people and of course the crime rate. Even if you live in a part of the town or city that rarely has any crime, it can be tied with the same brush and can reduce the amount of potential buyers interested in your property.


Neglected Home Exterior

The outside of your property is the first thing people will see and they always say first impressions count and in this case they really do. If the outside of your property is grubby or there are even repairs that need doing, you should really make this a main priority before booking any viewings as this can affect the value of your property.

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