How To Liven Up Your Courtyard - How To Liven Up Your Courtyard
September 18, 2018

How To Liven Up Your Courtyard

Not every home is blessed with a luscious green garden, in fact more than 2 million homes in the UK do not have what is considered a garden. Instead they may have a courtyard. In this blog we challenge the idea that with a courtyard all is not lost and look into the best ways to liven up yours!


Break the boundaries


One of the main downsides to a courtyard is the limit on space. Every courtyard has it’s boundaries and they can sometimes be more visible than you want. The way to overcome the space issue is to give the impression of a bigger area.


Disguise your walls and fences by firstly painting them a neutral colour to draw attention away from them and leave the focus elsewhere. You can also add hanging pieces to introduce style and a unique touch to mask the edge of your courtyard.


Trees and climbing plants are a great illusion and can totally hide any walls and fences, giving the impression of a bigger space.


Flourish with flowers


Flowers are the best way to add live and colour into your backyard, they not only bring nature but they also smell great too, plus with a smaller area the smell is intensified leaving you feeling relaxed.


The trick is to not pick plants that take up too much space, reducing your courtyard. Instead look into potted plants that you know won’t take away any needed space but still give your courtyard the flourish it needs.


Ditch the boring furniture


Without grass and other normal garden features, your courtyard can start to look a little dull. That’s why it is a great idea to liven up your area with some funky furniture. Experiment on colours which can be used throughout, plus keep up with the latest trends too. It really makes the difference.




A courtyard is much like a blank canvas, meaning you can create it just how you want! Accessories are a great way to make your backyard that little bit quirky and a space that you can well and truly enjoy. Water features and mirrors add a whole new dimension to your courtyard as well as unique pieces dotted around. There really is no limits when it comes to accessorising.

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