Our Process

Our unique 12 step process for selling your home is proven to help you get the most for your property.

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Our unique selling process

We’ve sold thousands of homes over the years and have perfected our twelve-step process.

We use as a guide to make sure your home is sold as quickly as possible, at the best possible price.

Here's how we do it

1. Get the price right

Too high and it will not attract much interest and will be hard to sell. We are always realistic when it comes to valuing your home.

2. Marketing Activity

We utilise all of our marketing methods to make sure that your home gets noticed, by the right audience.

3. Going live

Our experience tells us when the best time is to launch your home onto the market. 

4. Proactive selling

We utilize several methods, including SMS and email marketing, to make sure your property gets the attention it deserves.

5. Technology works

We have a professional videographer and utilise 3D technology to really show off your home. These tours are really popular as they filter out timewasters and help get to the serious buyers.

6. Monitor

Our team reviews the data on your home to check that it is attracting the right level of interest.

7. Listening

We listen to the market and use this knowledge to give your home the best chance to sell. 

8. Communication

We keep you informed and updated at every stage: by phone, text or email – just let us know what you prefer. 

9. Offer

We use our experience and skills to make sure that you receive an offer on your property that you’re delighted with.

10. The legal bit

We know some really great solicitors that we’ve worked with for a long time, which we’re happy to put you in touch with.

11. The final hurdle

Approximately 30% of house sales stall or collapse at this point. We’re well aware of this and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that this doesn’t happen. 

12. Finish line

This is by far the best part of this process and our jobs! This is when we get to phone you to say that everything has gone through, and the house has been sold. Successful completion and happy clients.